Trimble County, Kentucky

Welcome to Trimble County


Jerry Powell Judge Executive 255-7196
Nolan Hamilton Magistrate District 1 268-5662
  Magistrate District 2  
David Scott Magistrate District 3 255-3247
  Magistrate District4   


Trimble County is governed by a Fiscal Court consisting of the County Judge and four Magistrates.  The Court administers the budget and all county services.  Request or complaints should be made to the Judge or your magistrate.

County Offices

Emergency  Services   Circuit/District Court               Schools
    Paid & Volunteer

Circuit Court Clerk


Stacy Bruner - 255-3213

    City of Bedford

District Court Clerk

    Bedford Elementary

(502) 255-3525

Debbie Beeles 255-3217
      City of Milton

County Assessor(PVA)

    Milton Elementary

Jill Mahoney 255-3592

  Sharon James 268-3322
   County Attorney

County Sheriff

Trimble Co High School
Perry Arnold 255-3331           255-7138 or 911 255-7361
      County Clerk

County Health Dept.

Trimble Co Middle School
Tina Browning 255-7174           255-7701 Mike Genton 255-7361
   Extension Service

County Library

            Head  Start
  Mike Pyle 255-7188            255-7362           255-3620  
   Road Department

 Ky Social Services

Trimble County Web Site   
        255-7714            255-3236
Dept for Social Insurance


Official Phone Number

Trimble County Emergency Services

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