2013 Trimble County Fair


General Rules


1.         The Trimble County Fair is planned and conducted according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations for the use of state funds.

2.         No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the property of the Trimble County Recreational Park or Fairgrounds.

3.         The Trimble County Fair and Park Boards will not be liable for any accidents, thefts, vandalism, etc.


Officials - Members - Coordinators


President, Linda Craig 502-255-3930

Vice-President, Lisa O’Neal 502-255-3613

Secretary, Terri James 502-268-0725

Treasurer/Form Secretary,  Tracie Heveline 502-268-3720

Public Relations Manager, Sandy Ward 502-532-6361

Extension Service Agriculture, Mike Pyles 502-255-7188

Extension Service Family & Consumer Science, Jane Proctor 502-255-7188

Extension Service 4-H, Ralph Hance 502-255-7188

Kentucky Farm Bureau, Barbara Costellow 502-255-7105

FFA Representative, Jo Ann Gripshover 502-255-7781

Baby Pageant, Kim Temple 502-552-9853    

Cutie Pie Contest, Wendy Hines 502-268-3917

Truck Tug, Linda Craig 502-255-3930

Motocross & UTV Side by Side Race, Cleveland Howard 502-268-5399, 502-525-1167

Horse Shows, Linda Craig 502-255-3930

Little Miss & Mr., April Garrison 502-550-9864    

Livestock, Greg Heveline, 502-268-3720

Livestock Show & Auction, Greg Heveline 502-268-3720

Demolition Derby, Linda Craig 502-255-3930

Miss Princess, April Garrison 502-550-9864        

Pre-Teen Pageant, April Garrison 502-550-9864                   

Miss Teen, Tammy Ginn 502-268-9739                            

Miss Trimble County, Debbie Perry 502-255-3039         

Carnival, Casey’s Rides Inc.

Vending / Booths – contact Debbie Thomas 502-750-3994

Pageant Coordinator, Debbie Perry 502-255-3039

Pageant Advisor, Elizabeth Bray 502-255-3123

Pet Show, Barbara Daughtery 502-716-8343
Rabbit and Poultry Show, Ralph Hance 502-255-7188

Parade – Contact Debra Fox 502-269-1502

Talent Showcase, Shawn Blanton 502-662-2416

Mother/ Daughter Contest,

Hot Legs Contest,